Disney Crossy Road Reviews

The age old question of “why should the chicken get all the fun”. Hipster Whale, you know the guys who made that awesome Crossy Road game that we all got addicted to. They have decided to make a Disney version of there game that saw over 120,000,000 downloads around the world. Tap and swipe your way across the road and set records. There are over 100+ characters to collect whilst dodging crazy and unexpected obstacles in an 8-bit world.

Within the Disney Crossy Road game there are 5 different categories of character for you to collect. These categories are the following:
– Classic.
– Rare.
– Epic.
– Secret.
– Legendary.

Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road

You can use the daily prize machine to gain access to classic characters, but good luck trying to get hold of rare and epic characters. There are secret missions and requirements that will allow you to get “secret” characters throughout the game.

Out Of Time Deaths
If your character remains idle too long, then the following will snatch your character away:

Mickey Mouse – The Eagle
Toy Story – The Claw
Big Hero 6 – Armored Baymax
The Haunted Mansion – A Crow
The Lion King – A Vulture
Wreck-It Ralph – A Cy-Bug
Zootopia – The Helicopter from the movie
Tangled – A Blue Bird
Inside Out – A Pneumatic Tube
The Jungle Book – One of King Louie’s monkey on a vine

• COLLECT over 100+ Disney and Pixar figurines (many with fun surprises)!

• JOURNEY through 8-bit depictions of iconic locations while enjoying 8-bit versions of familiar tunes!

• MASTER special themed challenges unique to each of the worlds and then some!”

Disney Crossy Road
Disney Crossy Road

Of course to progress and unlock characters there is going to be a premium option. The makers have decided that you can buy coins to get the characters you wish to unlock. The two problems with this. First of all the coins are expensive and nobody like to waste money. So why not get the coins for free with a Disney Crossy Road Hack . Second of all the coins that you buy do not come in big enough batches to get all of the unlocks.

Google Play Gift Card Reviews – My Opinion

This article is a short but quick in sight into the world of Google. Google over the years has given us many fantastic products such as cloud computing, search and software. When you think of google, you of course think of the biggest search engine that we have ever seen. To be fair they are probably the biggest search engine since the internet began. Nobody is going to match their power. As much as microsoft have tried with Bing, it is simply not happening.

Google was founded by two men. Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google was official formed way back in 1998. Their aim was to make the world more organised, with an unofficial moto of “don’t be evil”. In 2004 Google moved to it’s new headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Since forming, we have seen a massive increase in popularity and a massive increase in how many people are using the google browser and search engines in every form of life. Back in the early days. Google developed something called Page Rank to assign a value to each page within the internet.

Page and Brin originally called their search engine “Backrub”. Eventually they did change the name to what we now know them as. In 2011 the unique visitor count became one billion for the first time. The site is said to be worth around $50 Billion.

Google also owns a large market based around gift cards. People can buy these gift cards and purchase items on the android platform developed by Google. As you can imagine this is a massive money maker for these guys.

Using Google Cards is simple and once they have been purchased you have a year to use the cards. There values depend on what has been purchased. Anywhere from $10-$50. They are worldwide cards and can be purchased by anyone with an internet connection.

Google Play Gift Card Generator

Numerous people have been using the Google Play Gift Card Generator . The reason why people are using these is simple down to the fact people do not wish to pay. Why would you pay for items when you can get them for free.

Google do not wish you to use these but there are certain sites where they are available.